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Nightmare Dungeons Softcore

Nightmare Dungeons Softcore

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  • The desired number of Nightmare Dungeons completed;
  • Chance to get 925 ilvl items;
  • At least one Legendary item for each run;
  • Paragon Glyphs upgrades;
  • Feats of Strength unlocked;
  • Chance to get Distilled Fear;
  • The Chance to get Sacred and Unique items increases with higher difficulty;
  • Chance to get Ancestral items in the 21+ tier dungeons increases with higher difficulty;
  • Chance to unlock Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power;
  • All the materials and valuable loot.


  • You will receive instructions in an email after purchase.
  • A pro member of our verified team will complete the service.
  • We use Facebook Messenger to:
    • Keep in contact about progress.
    • Answer any questions.
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